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IsotopeC - a peer to peer digital crypto asset - IsotopeC Man Page


isotopec [--no-centralization] [--wallet-miner] [--isotopec-cpuminer]
[--yespower-algo] [--asic-resistant] [--gpu-resistant] [--dark-gravity-wave]
[--no-premine] [--no-side-chain] [--no-ico] [--no-faucets] [--no-airdrops]


When something is truly free, it has no bounds. It can go anywhere it pleases and will stop at nothing to fight for its liberty.
If challenged, the free shall not be barred for the need or denied the means to defend itself, from tyrants to the end.

You can mine this digital asset with the wallet and just a cpu! Just download and open the console and enter "setgenerate true".

IsotopeC's core design is without any off-chain payment channels that has been imposed by the current release of Bitcoin core. Which, should be a competitive market and at the choice of its users. The area of interest for IsotopeC is to develop where Segregated Witness can open up to these markets and be at the control and choice of its users.

The asset is designed to have a max supply of 26,910,720 units that can be broken down to one-hundred-million of each unit and is immutable. Unlike, centralized fractional banking reserves that prints fiat with no financial backing or standards.

Throughout history, this system has caused war, recessions, hyper-inflation, market manipulation and quantitative easing to fix its inconsistencies, by printing fiat out of thin air.

The asset has a 144 year mining life and will be able to be mined by anyone with a regular home computer.
Much like the beginning days of Bitcoin, before its algorithm was manipulated by special hashing systems [ASIC/FPGA/GPU's]. Which use substantial amounts of energy and has caused an unfair advantage over its core principle of creating a large peer to peer network.

The main consensus is to assure that these systems are challenged by the algorithm implemented through periodic algorithmic change from time to time, to attain the ability for mining only by CPU's for its consensus, fairness and power efficiency.

It's purpose is to establish a private trust-less payment system to send payments instantly to anyone in the world without any central authority for its users.
Every transaction written to the ledger is public and is fully visible in the IsotopeC blockchain.



Detailed technical information about IsotopeC will be released in the next few weeks and will be available for download only on this site.
The release will be signed digitally by the developer and can be authenticated by IsotopeC Development Labs PGP PUBLIC KEY.


* Genesis Date: 10/28/2019
* Ticker: ISO
* Subsidy: 32 ISO per block
* Assets: 26,910,720 Million
* Subsidy Breakdown: IsotopeC Maximum Units | Simplified
* Blocktime: 5 Min / 300 Sec
* Block Size: 4 MB
* Maturity: 100 Blocks
* Halving: 420,480 Blocks / 4 Years
* Halvings: 36
* Mining Time: 144 Years | 36 Intervals x 420,480 Blocks
* Difficulty: Dark Gravity Wave
* Algorithm: Yespower 1.0.1
* Algorithm Variant: YespowerIC
* Algo N: 2048
* Algo R: 32
* Algo Pers: IsotopeC
* Algo Perslen: 8


* Main Net Ports: 8675
* Main Net RPC Ports: 8674
* Test Net Ports: 18675
* Test Net RPC Ports: 18674
* Reg Test Ports: 15309
* Reg Test RPC Ports: 15308


* Seed:
* Node:
* Explorer:
* Pool:


The latest and most current version can be downloaded from the Github page.
You can view or compile the source code yourself or just use a pre-compiled binary.


* Linux Ubuntu 18.04 LTS 64 Bit
* Linux Ubuntu 16.04 LTS 64 Bit
* MacOS X 64 Bit Built with MacOSX10.11.sdk
* Windows 10 64 Bit
* Windows 10 32 Bit


* Latest Version
sudo make install

For faster compiling, disable tests and bench when running configure use: ./configure --disable-tests --disable-bench
To build for your version of MacOSX. Read here: Build OSX For cross-compiling: Be sure to download the SDK for your system. Then create a folder in the depends directory named SDKs. Then put your downloaded version dev kit in the SDKs directory and compile your source.


* IsotopeC_PaperWalletGenerator

Just download, extract, shutoff the net, open the folder, run index.html in a browser and follow the README instructions.


* Ex4ange



After installing the IsotopeC QT wallet. You can set the wallet to mine after it has synchronized with the IsotopeC blockchain.
Cpu mining was always a big part of the beginning days of crypto, when all it took was a CPU running a node/daemon to help support the network.
The main consensus of the IsotopeC blockchain, is to stick to this principle.


IsotopeC Miner

* Go to Help -> Debug window -> Console
* Enter: "setgenerate true" in the terminal without the quotations.
* Your systems CPU fan will speed up and your wallet will then start to mine.
* Continue using the computer and minimize the wallet or set it to start up in the background after your system boots.
Type -> "help" in the console to see more commands.

Customize: Use "setgenerate true 4" without the quotations and "4" being the amount of cores in your computer. By default, if no # is specified. The amount of cores used by the wallet miner will be -1 core of the total cpu cores in your system to allow continued use of your computer, while you mine IsotopeC.


IsotopeC CPUMiner - Stand-Alone Miner

The official cpuminer for IsotopeC with the YespowerIC Algorithm can be downloaded or viewed here --> isotopec-cpuminer

NOTE: If you cannot compile source code... Binaries for Windows and Linux will be available for download later in the week!

Compile Source:
* 1. Download the source code .gz or .zip from Github
* 2. Extract the archive file.
* 3. cd into the directory: cd isotopec-cpuminer
* 4. Open a terminal within the directory.
* 5. Be sure to install the dependencies.
sudo apt-get install build-essential libssl-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev libjansson-dev libgmp-dev automake zlib1g-dev

* 6. Type ./ and press enter. The source will compile and create the isotopec-cpuminer binary.
When compiling is complete, you can then mine at your favorite pool.

* 7. To mine: Open a terminal within the directory and enter:
./cpuminer -a yespoweric -o stratum+tcp:// -u yourwalletaddress -p x

The file is built with a general purpose CPU instruction set [native] and can be configured to match your type of CPU.
See --> Compile Flags

Further details for compiling Linux and Windows Source are located in the archive or can be viewed below.

After starting the miner, you can continue using the computer and minimize the terminal or set it to start up in the --background
For more information: Type ./cpuminer -help in another terminal to see more commands.


Dark Gravity Wave is an open source mining difficulty re-adjustment algorithm that was deployed to assist with difficulty on the IsotopeC blockchain.
Stock configuration for IsotopeC DGW is set to re-target every 10 to 12 blocks. DGW uses multiple exponential moving averages with a simple moving average to achieve the smoother difficulty re-target mechanism and is immune to issues like multipools.
As it calculates difficulty every single block, the DGW chain becomes more secure and block times are much more consistent; despite large fluctuations in mining power.
Apart from controlled difficulty some other benefits of Dark Gravity Wave are security, faster transactions, and its reliability.
Created by Evan Duffield [creator of X11/Darkcoin/Dash]

Current Version: DarkGravity v3

DarkGravity v3, GeertJohan's version


Yespower is a proof-of-work (PoW) focused fork of yescrypt, which in turn builds upon scrypt.
While yescrypt is a password-based key derivation function (KDF) and password hashing scheme, and thus is meant for processing passwords.
Yespower is also meant for processing trial inputs such as block headers (including nonces) in PoW-based blockchains.
Designed by Openwall / Solar Designer

Current version: Yespower 1.0.1




The idea of incorporating a payment channel into a protocol, is not what the developer foresees as a good idea. It is this notion why the developer decided to look at a point in time and a version of Bitcoin core that was free of any side chains being built into its core.
The developer foresees an industry for off chain entities to exist that users can choose from, and not be forced to use.
Although, the developer believes that payment channels are a great idea to speed things up on a blockchain and are made by very talented and gifted people. It's just that it's the developers belief that it should be a market on its own, and with competition. That's if, a user chooses to use a side chain and not be left with no choice at all.

Which, suffice to say, that the choice is now gone for Bitcoin core users. No differently on how a massive repressive government wrapped in a country's flag as a guise that will eventually take their freedoms away. All without them knowing it.
This area has caused much contentious debate in the crypto world and now that a side chain payment channel is fully immersed into the Bitcoin protocol. It's just a matter of time that its users will feel its control and eventually realize how incrementalism is used to bring on radical change away from what was originally intended.
By then, it will be too late. As it is now the case and completely a part of its core. Its users will then understand that it should of been left alone as a protocol.

The area of interest for these markets to exist, starts with Segregated Witness. This change to the protocol allows for this technology to bring countless industries, new technologies, and emerging markets into the blockchain. Increasing block size is just part of the answer. As its creator noted, that increasing block size will also increase hardware costs and demand for system resources. Which, is hardly the solution for creating a large peer to peer network that anybody can mine and be a part of.


IsotopeC has no premine from the genesis block and the genesis is not spendable.


There will be no Initial Coin Offering for IsotopeC. History has shown that the vast majority of ICO's bring on fraud and trouble for the community. Some have success. But, most end up screwing over its investors and the virtue signaling that these con artists represent, are purporting a good cause or claim that something is being donated. It's just not in the developers interest to sell the asset that way. Just live free and mine!


There will be no faucets for IsotopeC. This is because the developer believes that faucets reduce an assets capacity and inhibits its growth. The purpose is to create a payment system that is easy for anyone to mine and use.


There will be no Airdrops from IsotopeC. This is similar to how the developer views faucets.


* Contacting the dev lab.

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